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Have Your SHA and Bcrypt Too

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I've been putting off sharing this idea because I've heard the rumors about what happens to folks who aren't security experts when they post about security on the internet. If this blog is replaced with cat photos and rainbows, you'll know what happen... more

A Rebar Plugin for Locking Deps: Reproducible Erlang Project Builds For Fun and Profit

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If you use rebar to generate an OTP release project and want to have reproducible builds, you need the rebar_lock_deps_plugin plugin. The plugin provides a lock-deps command that will generate a rebar.config.lock file containing the complete flattened... more

Introducing ej, an Erlang JSON helper library

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I wrote ej to make it easier to work with JSON in Erlang. There are a number of options available for parsing and encoding JSON in Erlang such as mochijson2, ejson, and jiffy. These libraries do a good job of serialization/deserialization, but don't p... more

Erlang Factory SF 2011

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Erlang Factory did not disappoint. I've been wanting to attend an Erlang Factory conference since I started working with Erlang in 2009 and this year the stars aligned so that I could attend (thanks Opscode!). I had a great time putting faces to nam... more

Using RSA Public Keys in Erlang

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This all started with an effort to make it easier to build Erlang-based services at work. I decided to port Opscode's mixlib-authentication library to Erlang (see chef_authn, if you're curious) and ran into some limitations of Erlang's public_key mod... more

Generating XML in Erlang Using xmerl

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Here's a quick example of how to build XML documents in Erlang using xmerl. The basic idea is to first transform your data into xmerl's "simple" format of tagged tuples and then use xmerl:export_simple to generate the XML.The xmerl module's simple fo... more