In Transit To My Next Adventure: A Bioconductor Goodbye

Last Friday marked my last day at The Hutch and the end of my official involvement with the Bioconductor project. This weekend I am in transit. On Monday I will land at a stealth-mode startup company, Hypertext Solutions, where a new adventure will begin. Despite the fact that my new workplace is only four miles from my old office, I feel like I am on a plane heading far away. Like a trip to someplace you've never been before, it doesn't seem real. Tomorrow I will arrive, step off the plane, and everything will be different.

I've really enjoyed my time at The Center, which began in 2003 when I took a position working with Ruth Etzioni. In early 2005 I left Ruth's group to work with Robert Gentleman on Bioconductor. I've overseen almost six Bioconductor releases starting with BioC 1.6 (for R 2.1.0) which was released in March of 2005. Early next month, BioC 2.1 (for R 2.6.0) will be released. I'd like to think that I've left the project in a more organized state then when I arrived. I've certainly learned a lot while working on Bioconductor and have really enjoyed interacting with the ever growing community that surrounds the project.

I should mention that the Gentleman Lab is hiring. These are great people to work and The Hutch is a great place to work. Please pass along the following announcement to anyone you think would be interested: Robert's job announcement bioc-devel.

For completeness, here's the goodbye message I sent to the BioC lists a couple weeks ago.

The Hutch, where I used to work

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